MGCG leadership is comprised the Executive Board. As a member of the Executive board, these officers oversee the mission and goals of the organization. The Executive Board meets quarterly, or more often if deemed necessary. The Executive Board also sponsors the four joint meetings held in March, June, September and December for all members.

Subcommittee members and other positions are appointed by the President or are elected by members of each respective chapter. These positions serve specific roles and responsibilies as outlined in MGCG's by-laws, and unless designated as an Executive Board member, are non-voting positions.

UGA Extension Advisors are employees of UGA and serve to advise MGCG in matters or topics that affect Master Gardener Extension Volunteers or the programs and projects that MGCG supports.

MGCG's Joint Annual Meeting will be held in September of each year. At this meeting, three items of business will be addressed. 1) presentation of the budget for the following year to the membership; 2) election of next year's officers; and, 3) a review of the past year's accompishments and plans for the future.

Executive Board

Office Name Email
President Larry Julian
Vice President Wayne McIntyre
Past President Ted Emig
Treasuerer Vivian Skipper
Executive Secretary Karyn Simms
North Chapter Chairs Eleanor Sikes
Wes Peavy
South Chapter Chairs Patsy Lamberth
George Arnold
Ways and Means Diane Stephens
Education Lynn Harden


Subcommittee Name Email
Scholarships Lynn Harden
Membership Angie Livingston
Correspondence Jimmy Rogers

Chapter Officers and Other Positions

Office Name Email
South Chapter Secretary
South Chapter Treasurer Nancy Edger
Newsletter Rosie Johnson
Webmaster Rosie Johnson

UGA Extension Advisors

County Name Email
Macon-Bibb Karol Kelly
Houston Charlotte Mote